Redemption Kids

Sunday mornings with Redemption Kids involves making crafts, playing games, singing songs, and talking about God’s love (It’s not babysitting!).  You will be trained and resourced to serve with this awesome team and there are several options for age groups, responsibilities, etc.

A/V & Worship Team

These are the people who operate computers, projectors, lights and soundboard.  They help create an environment conducive to worship.   This team also leads corporate worship through music.  Try-outs will be held to be on the worship team.

Connections Team

This team makes Sunday mornings a warm and welcoming environment by greeting guests, passing out bulletins, and making sure guests know how to connect to the life of our church.

Set-up & Tear-Down Team

If you like working behind the scenes and don’t mind breaking a sweat, this is the team for you.  Everything we will see on Sunday mornings is set-up and torn down by this team.

Welcome to Church Party

A few times a year we have a giant party to welcome new people to Redemption!  We get together for a relaxed time where you can hang out and meet some of the pastors and leaders.  All have the opportunity to hear more about the vision and values of Redemption, learn about membership, and your next steps to getting involved.  Keep checking back with us for the next Welcome to Church Party! 

Redemption Groups

Life is better together, so jump into one of our Redemption Groups this semester!  The list of available times and locations are below, so get connected today!

Men’s Group is meeting Monday Mornings at 6:30am at Panera Bread (Hwy 98) Contact Don Padgett at or at (863)899-3907

Young Adult Group is meeting Tuesday Nights at 6pm at Black and Brew (205 E Main St) Contact Tyler Beckman at

Young Couples Group is meeting Tuesday Nights at 6:30pm. Contact Clifton at or at (863)701-3876

Ladies Group meets on Tuesday evenings at 7pm at Crisper’s (Lakeside Village).  Email Amy Dillman at

The Northside Group is meeting Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm. Contact Brannen Padgett at or at (863)333-2648

The Southside Group is meeting Wednesdays Nights at 6:30pm at Matt Burks house (2687 Brookside Bluff Loop, 33813) Contact Matt at or (863)2051675

Youth Group is meeting Wednesday Nights at 6pm at My Office and More (122 E Main St. Lakeland, FL 33801). Contact Austin Nesvacil at