Sunday Mornings At Redemption

Join Lakeland’s newest church on Sunday mornings at 10:30am at The Lakeland Center (701 W Lime St. Lakeland, FL 33815)

Sunday mornings are a time in which we gather together to worship God through engaging music, authentic teaching, and other creative elements.

Join us during one of our regular services at 10:30am at The Lakeland Center (701 W Lime St. Lakeland, FL 33815).

We know going to church for the first time could create some anxiety. So to help keep that to a minimum, here is a quick summary of what you can expect on a Sunday morning at Redemption.


People that show up prior to a gathering, spend time greeting one another and staking out a seat. The worship service lasts for approximately one and a half hours. It usually begins with music, a prayer or reading from the Bible. A live band leads us in song. The message is from the Bible and is designed to help us understand God, who we are, and the world in which we live. Every week, we participate in communion to thank God, and remind ourselves of our need for Jesus Christ. We also give back to God in the form of offerings. By giving, we recognize His provision and participate in the ministry of the church. After service people often spend ten to thirty minutes talking with one another, and then frequently go to lunch in groups.

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. There is no need to dress up.


Redemption Kids (birth – 5th grade) meets during the service on Sunday mornings. You will want to plan time for the check-in and registration process. You can direct any questions you might have to our logo