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Believing this simple truth that Jesus changes everything, our desire is to see every man, woman and child in the greater Lakeland area and the world experience redemption through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

guided by these


Committed to the Gospel

The Gospel must be central to everything we are and do as a church.  It is the power of God to save and transform every aspect of our lives.  It is this defining message that changes everything for us.

Calling Others to the Gospel

We are compelled by the great love of Jesus to be ambassadors for Christ.  We desire to call others to be reconciled with God through the Gospel.  We will call others through demostrating and declaring the Gospel.

Connected to the Gospel

Through the death of Jesus, we are connected to others in community.  The Gospel brings together people in new and compelling ways, tearing down barriers and allowing us to be vulnerable and transparent with others.

Contributing to Gospel Work

In light of God’s generosity to us in Jesus, we are compelled to use our time, talents, treasure, and testimony (story) to show Jesus’ infinite value and worth and see the Gospel advance into new lives and hearts.
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Redemption Church is a safe place for ordinary people to be in community with others who are learning about Jesus Christ.

Chuck Thacker

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I am excited because this is an authentic community of believers where our entire family can get involved!

Dionne Thacker